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CCAT Committees

The following is a list of the CCAT Committees for 2018-2019 that members may join.  Please contact

Membership Committee

Chair: Patrick Ervin, New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board, New Brunswick

Board Member

  • Colin Baile, NWT Workers’ Compensation Appeals & NWT Liquor Licensing Board, NWT 

General Member

  • Caroline Beaudry, Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat
  • Barbara Evans, Ta'an Kwachan Judician Council
  • Sheila McDonald, Edmonton Tribunals
  • Andrea Smillie, Workers Compensation Appeals Tribunal  

Education Committees

Chair: David Wright, Law Society Tribunal

Professional Development 

Board Member

  • Athanasios Hadjis, Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada, ON 

General Members

  • Lune Arpin, Justice Canada
  • Christine Bernard, Financial and Consumer Services Tribunal
  • Don Buckingham, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute
  • Cindy Chiasson, Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Lynn Faulder, Appeals Commission for AB Workers' Compensation Board
  • Maureen Doherty, Nunavut Human Rights Tribunal
  • Michelle Lang, Appeals Commission for Workers' Compensation Board
  • Cecilia Low (ad hoc), Alberta Energy Regulator 

Symposium 2019

Co- Chairs: 

  • Andrée Gosselin, Tribunal administratif Travail
  • Jennifer Khurana, Social Security Tribunal of Canada
  • Scott Streiner, Canadian Transportation Agency 

Tribunal Excellence Committee

Chair: Taivi Lobu, Health Professions and Health Services Appeal Boards, ON

Board Members

  • Athan Hadjis, Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada, ON
  • Jennifer Goldenberg, Manitoba Residential Tenancies Commission, MB
  • Andrea Smillie, Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal, NS
  • Denise Klotz, Office of the Workers’ Advocate, SK

General Members

  • Jacqueline Corado, Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada, ON
  • Robert Blair, Ontario Securities Commission, ON
  • Gary Yee, Toronto Licensing Tribunal
  • Sarah Kirby, Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
  • Grace Knakowski, Ontario Securities Commission
  • Christine Macken, Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Lynn Paris, Alberta Appeals Commission Workers Compensation
  • Daphne Stancil, BC Forest Appeals Commission, BC Farm Industry Review Board

Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: Ginette Brazeau, Canada Industrial Relations Board, ON

Board Members

  • Bruce Hollett, Public Service Commission, NL
  • Marc Leblanc, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, ON
  • David Wright, Law Society Tribunal, ON 

General Members

  • Catherine McCreary, BC Human Rights Tribunal 

Outreach Committee 

Chair: Emily Drown, British Columbia Safety Standards Appeal Board

General Members

  • Virginia Adamson, Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board, ON
  • Presha Bottino, Tribunal Administratif du Québec
  • Josh Brull, RCMP External Review Committee, ON
  • Elsy Chakkalakal, Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada, ON 
  • John Herron, New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board
  • Wilfred Jephson, Veterans Review and Appeals Board, ON
  • Jennifer Khurana, Social Security Tribunal of Canada
  • Cecilia Low, Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Kelly McGee, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission