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Membership 2021

CCAT members include chairs, vice-chairs, members, and staff of tribunals, boards and agencies – the bodies responsible for adjudicating economic and social issues at all levels of government in Canada. Members also include academics, lawyers, consultants, and others interested in administrative justice issues.

Membership Categories 



All members and senior staff of a tribunal or agency

Group Membership


Up to 25 persons (members and senior staff) from the same tribunal or agency.

Individual Membership


Membership for a sole individual of a tribunal or agency.

Membership Benefits

Free or Reduced fees for on-site or on-line training:

  • CIAJ-CCAT Decision Writing Seminar - 2 days at a reduced rate
  • Symposium registration — Enjoy considerable savings in registration fees for the educational event of the year for those interested in administrative justice.

CCAT Members Only section of website

Access the most recent conference papers plus a greatly expanded section of educational materials, including materials on plain language.


The literacy publications are available for downloading in PDF format at no cost.

Timely information

Keep current by reading the most recent developments in administrative law and justice in the upcoming Newsletter sent out to members (under development)

Collaboration, partnership, and networking

Through contacts at conferences and meetings, and opportunities to work together on CCAT initiatives and committees, the chance to get to know jurists, lawyers, and administrative members and staff from across the country and the world.

Expanded regional contacts

CCAT has formal and informal links with sister organizations in Canada and abroad. Members can take advantage of opportunities for collaboration with these organizations and broaden their perspective on all aspects of administrative law.

Membership Year

The CCAT membership year runs from January to December. All annual memberships expire on December 31st and are renewable in January of the new year. Members will have a 30 day grace period to renew.  If members join part way through the year between July and November, their membership fee will be reduced by 50%.  If you register in December, your membership will be active for 13 months.