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Joint CCAT - CIAJ Decision Writing Seminar 2018


Early Bird Special Fee $900 Early Bird Special Fee $1,000
Regular Fee (after May 4, 2018)$1,100 Regular Fee (after May 4, 2018)  $1,200 

Location: Canadian Human Rights Tribunal 160 Elgin Street, 11th Floor Ottawa, ON K1A 1J4

Participation in this program accredited in provinces where CLE requirements for lawyers are mandatory.
This two-day seminar on decision writing offered jointly by the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ) and CCAT, is designed for members of administrative agencies, boards, tribunals, etc. The seminar provides essential tools for decision writers, new or experienced, to improve their decision-writing skills. It includes lectures, discussions, and workshops that stress the nature of good prose, gender-neutral language and the special requirements and challenges of decision writing. Since the art of writing is a skill that can be improved through practice, much of the instruction will center on practical written exercises. Each attendee will be assigned an instructor who will read a sample of the attendee’s writing prior to the seminar and coach the attendees during the seminar workshops.

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Please contact the Project Manager of Judicial Programs, Vicki Gondek, CMP
Tel.: 514-343-6111 ext. 4098
Fax: 514-343-6296