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Online Literacy Course - Under Review

Why the course is needed

Most participants, especially those unrepresented by counsel, find the whole administrative tribunal process unfamiliar and a bit frightening. And many clients face this situation without being able to read or write very well.

This course will enable you to make your tribunal's communications — written, visual, video — clearer and easier to understand by using plain language techniques.

Participants with low literacy will benefit the most from plain, simple, and clear documents, brochures, forms, and letters. But plain language helps everyone understand quickly what is being said. Legal terms are often not understood by non-lawyers so clear communication will make life easier for clients and for you in your daily work.

Course content

  • Understanding the problem
  • Recognizing the needs
  • Getting understood
  • Meeting the needs

The course is presented through a blend of video presentations — by participants with low literacy, by chairs and members of tribunals, by lawyers who appear before tribunals — downloadable slide shows in PowerPoint, information on all aspects of literacy, links to a wide variety of number of documents to assist you in making your administrative tribunal more “user-friendly” for all, not just those with low literacy skills.


  • For non-members:  $50
  • For members: no charge

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