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 Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice

The Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice is available from Carswell at :

It may also be available in your library in electronic form.

The CJALP is published under the auspices of CCAT/CTAC. It is published three times a year. The journal provides a forum for in-depth discussion of administrative law issues and emphasizes the important role played by tribunals, boards and commissions in the administrative process. The Editorial Board is comprised of distinguished authorities drawn from administrative tribunals, the practising bar and the academic community across Canada. Each issue of the Journal contains articles and may also include case comments and book reviews.

Guidelines for submissions to the Journal may be found in this PDF.



Access to Justice Committee

National Survey of Tribunal Responsiveness to Self- Represented Parties

Measuring Access to Justice for Canadian Administrative Tribunals 


"We are in an era where appearing without legal representation in tribunal settings is often the norm rather than the exception. As such, the ability of tribunals to serve as an effective, accessible forum for self-represented parties is an area of evolving concern.  In 2006, the Canadian Judicial Council adopted the 'Statement of Principles on Self-Represented Litigants and Accused Persons', which articulated the responsibilities of participants in the justice system and principles for promoting rights of access and equal justice.

This initiated interest in the justice system's responsiveness to self-represented parties and became a prime area of focus for the Access to Justice Committee of CCAT. 

The Access to Justice Committee conducted  from November 2014 to January 2015 a national survey of over 250 administrative tribunals across the country on tribunal responsiveness to self-represented parties. To access the results of this survey please click on PDF report.

A reference copy of the survey questions can be found in the PDF - /CMFiles/AJC201415SurveyQuestions.pdf